Monday, 26 August 2013

World After Excerpt: Holy $&@# !!!!!!!!!!!


I just. I'm at loss of words. I seriously doubt whether I'm thinking straight right now. 

Just. Thank you Susan Ee. That is a wonderful, breathtaking, action-packed  piece of an excerpt. Even if it's just a freaking 3 pages. It was. I practically squealed like a lunatic! I have never ever been this excited to read a book before. Not to mention it is not yet the whole book!! Just 3 pages as I've mentioned earlier. I'm not sure if I can wait until November comes. Goddamn it's a freaking 2 months away!!! Oh Lord I CANT! 

Can someone please make time go faster??? or invent a goddamned teleporter or time machine? Or is there a mutant with this particular ability? I need you now. 

I was hyperventilating
I was in shock
I was happy
I was squealing
I was nervous
I was swearing
(I wasn't crying though) 

I was so filled with emotions when I read the 3 pages. My sister was all like "goddamnit, what's with you?" And shaked her head. I heard that. I did. I was just so preoccupied, not wanting to miss a single word written at that moment that I had my eyes stay glued to my computer screen instead of replying my sister's remark. My apologies, sis. I feel bad, I really do. But as soon as she knew what made me squealed like a lune, understanding creeped to her and she was all like "hahaahahahaha you're faingirling" and return to her work, whatever she was doing back then.

Highlights on the excerpt:
1. Airborne fighting (HOW COOL WAS THAT?!?!)
2. Raffe knows Penryn is alive (SQUEALED)
3. He was flying with her in his arms (I CANT I CANT I CANT)
4. Raffe holds on to Penryn and refuse to let her go (sigh......)
5. They're floating around above the sea
6. 3 other angels chasing them
7. Penryn is secured in Raffe's arms when he flies....
8. Raffe's arms hold tight to her waist...
9. Raffe knows she's freaking alive

Wait. Did I just repeat the same thing over and over again? 
Oh well, nevermind. I'm sorry my mind got scrambled. But then again, I'm not sorry.

This is just perfect. I didn't expect the whole airborne fighting!!! I mean that was a total awesomeness!!! And the whole scene that shows Penryn is a freaking badass omg I just CANT. This is too perfect. An it's only 3 pages, I know.

Oh, and, did I mention how beautiful the cover is? What I don't really like is the font. Why do they change the font?!??!! It's a series. You gotta have at least the same font to keep the whole series all together. O, well.

Oh and btw. Today is probably the best Monday of my entire life! Not that I only get the excerpt and cover for World After, I also get to see the first trailer of Divergent. Oh my. I don't even read the freaking book, in fact, I vowed to not read the book before I see the film. But the trailer really caught me by surprise! It looks pretty awesome. Damn I might reconsider to read Divergent because of the trailer. Is it that badass??????? I got a feeling it would turn out like the Hunger Games. Sort of. Though obviously, not as good. But we'll see!

AND, there's more!! can't you believe it?? This YA novel I've been following, the fourth installment of a Lux Novel series, entitled Origin by Jenifer Armentrout is going to be released real soon!! When I say soon, if I'm not mistaken, it will be released tomorrow!!!! (Or even today? I'm not exactly counting down the days for the release date, but still, the 3rd book was such a cliffhanger that I want to poke someone's eye). 



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