Thursday, 15 August 2013

Teaser Trailer: Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters

Comment on the trailer ?

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Not saying I was disappointed or anything, it's just a teaser. Teaser can really be a good thing though, if they really know how to make one. this one didn't quite nailed it.

A great teaser that occur to me instantly, was the teaser trailer of PROMETHEUS. now THAT'S. how you make a teaser trailer.

Anyways, back to Blood Sisters. we just had a glimpse, glimpse and glimpse of everything, it really doesn't say much. I can't and won't judge anything by it. (realized I saw a lot of negative comments on other website and decided not going to be one of those who comment things to upset anyone).

I'll only be talking about my earlier expectation of how the movie might turn up, before I watched the trailer. SO. I read this series like, ages ago, when I was still in high school. Now I'm twenty, and of course as time passed, my interest on a storyline has surely changed. I used to love books with high school background and all the crap drama and stuff. Now I prefer more of a Dystopian setting in terms of my liking on picking a book to delved into.

When I re-read the Vampire Academy, I was all like, making funny faces and like 'whoa it's pretty cheesy. But you know what, I'm still OKAY with it. (unlike *cough*Twilight*cough* I just can't sweep my eyes through one page without cringing with disgust. DONTGETMEWRONG I don't like to be a hater. I really enjoyed Twilight, though, only Twilight, not the whole goddamned series. But after the movies I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF NOT TO GRIMACED whenever I tried to re-read the book, thanks to the cast.)

Still love the series. There were many ass-kickin' scene and I love the relationship building between Rose and Dimitri. Idk why but I've always imagined a Vampire world to be dark, gloomy and bloody. I was kinda half hoping that maybe, just maybe, they would make the atmosphere a bit dark and 'gritty' <-- I'm not sure with my choice of word here, but that's the only thing that came to mind atm. When I saw the stills about the building they were filming for the Academy, i got this impression of the Gothic style buildings and I was practicaly squealing like crazy.
I love movies like Daybreakers or The Covenant or Let the Right One in or Underworld 1 & 2. Yeah, that. Daybreakers totally had some futuristic touch in it because it took place in the future, as I recall. The Covenant is not a movie about vampires, but it did give the dark and thrilling atmosphere in it that makes my skin crawls and giddy at the same time. Let the Right One in (the Swedish version) was TOTALLY AMAZING, nuff said. It doesn't have to be like that precisely, what I meant was, at least it has the similar dark, gloomy and gritty atmosphere, not visually, but just the ambience, you know what I mean?

I SO HOPE the film would be BLOODY and gory if possible, though I usually hate gory movies except it was really necessary.

What's a Vampire movie without blood?

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