Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Plane Crash Dream

O. M. G.
This just happened to me.
And as creepy as it is, it's TRUE.

Friday, 3 January 2014

TV series Review: Sherlock BBC Season 3 Episode 1

So. My sister has gone on and on and on about the new Sherlock this past few days and it kinda makes me go "ughh.. Okay, okay I surrender bring it on.."
Just so you know, she have already watched the show right from the BBC website on Jan 1st.. She practically sat in front of her PC, waiting for it and then watch it streaming.. Obviously she's more of a 'big fan' than me.. Probably hundreds of times 'bigger'....

So this is my thought on the new Sherlock hashtag SherlockLives hashtag YAY hashtag johnlock hashtag finallyivebeenwaitingforthisforfartoolong hashtag sherlockBBC hashtag benedictcumberbatch hashtag... Okayillshutupnowyougetthepicture.

I'll divide this post into several sections.

The Reunion

With John Watson
I need to get it out of my system... *takes a deep breath* wait for it... 


There.. I said it..

My Goodness, they didn't behave like a 'normal' friendship couple.. There's more to them goddamnit! I know that John made it perfectly clear by saying 'I am not gay', but uh... C'mon people.. I just don't know how they (Benny and Martin) did it. They both looked and acted like a real gentlemen but somehow I still can't help but sense the 'sexual' tension between them... Okay maybe 'sexual' is slightly exaggerating but I really don't know what's the correct word to describe their friendship... (Or relationship *cough* *cough*) 

Anyways. Enough about the romancey thing, I'll let you judge them yourself.. All I'm saying is, THEY BOTH NAILED IT. The cafe scene was just perfect. The way  John reacted was just unbelievably felt real and just right

He had a terrible past that one could have possibly imagine.. You know, him being a soldier, the war and stuff.. That changes him in a way that could be best described as traumatic. Now that is how I'd imagined someone who's been betrayed for the past two years would've acted. It was all so believable and not made up. Basically, Martin really did shine on this episode, I'd give him that. Benedict too, didn't disappoint being the absolute arse the man he (Sherlock) is. But at the same time, we can all see that deep down he did really feel sorry towards John throughout the episode.

With Mrs. Hudson
Le Me: "My dear Mrs. Hudson, you just made my day.."

With Lestrade
Le Me: "Awww..." *sniff* *sniff*

The Cinematography

The other major thing that immediately caught my attention was the cinematography. I don't really know about TV series directors or what they usually did or their habits and all that, because you could say that I'm a newbie for that sort of things. I've always been into movies before I started moving toward TV shows. So, I don't really know what they were trying to achieve or if this really does happen to all other TV shows or whatever. It requires a lot of observations and until this time I've only watched a few. All I know is that, this felt different from its predecessors.

The Now look a bit more gritty, messy, and, shaky. Whereas the 2 previous seasons were clean, organized, beautiful and slow. 

I personally prefer the first 2 seasons to this one. Though I'm not saying that this is entirely bad.. It's just a matter of taste I guess. 

The Tone

Sometimes it felt like a Bond movie, sometimes Bourne, sometimes Mission Impossible. How's that for a start? 
This just 'not-very-Sherlock' I guess that's the best way to put it. 

At first it felt like a Bond movie, maybe because of the iconic buildings of London and it shot perfectly like the latest Bond, Skyfall, that I almost had a kind of DejaVu thing. The shot showed the back side of a man standing on the top of a building with a blaring black coat, with a gloomy weather, the only difference was the hair. (Benedict's was curly and black, in contrast, Craig's was short-cropped and blonde). 

At times, it felt like Bourne. Bourne was set in Europe, not particularly London as I recall, though I think he went to London for a moment there, idk. But you get the same feeling, the shaky camera, the-feeling-what-the-protagonist-are-feeling type of shot. And the chasing by foot as well as a bike and the journey throughout the city was just Bourne-ish, me think.

And lastly, it kind of reflected the same fun feelings from the Mission Impossible movie. This is no lie, there were several scenes that seriously had me cracked up. Like really ugly kind of laugh. (Ya know the hyena kind of laugh). It's a bit creepy. But yeah. The tone of the episode is fairly different from its predecessors. The Reichenbach episode really did give us the gloomy, dark, and dreary setting and feelings whereas this one gave us such a light feeling without a very complex investigation scene involved.

Hmm what else to talk about? The characters? The plot? 
There was this one scene at the beginning that shows Sherlock kissed Molly... I practically scream. Yes I really did that. I screamed "NO JUST NO JUST NO UH UH". In my honest opinion, Molly is such a sweet gal. She's kind, a bit awkward, but she always helped Sherlock in every way that she can. After all, Sherlock is an arrogant bastard without feelings, sometimes he's an arse really, but somehow, she understands him.. Maybe because she had a huge crush on him and loves him to death. There were several scenes of them together and got me think poor Molly.. Because obviously Sherlock has no feelings whatsoever toward her. For me, I personally think that Sherlock is wayyyyy too out of her league.. (*cough* because apparently I ship Sherlock-Irene *cough*). Yes she is kind but really though. I think she really has no chance to get Sherlock if her competition is Irene Adler. Not that Sherlock and Irene were romantically involved, but uh. Please, Can we really look back at what Sherlock had done in the end of the Scandal in Belgravia? Can you say FEELS? Can you say epic??? Gosh I really want them to be togethere they're like the perfect couple ever. Both intelligent both charming both witty both pretty both classy.. They're perfect for each other *dreamy sigh*

Oh and, I'm interested about the relationship between Sherlock and his brother Mycroft that seem to be developed more in this season. Mycroft was briliant I love him already! The deduction was brilliant. Apparently He's as witty (as well as an arse) as Sherlock.

I think that covers up most of it.. All in all, i think the new Sherlock has a fairly different tones as well as cinematography from its predecessors. I'm more inclined toward the first 2 seasons, but this one is not bad either. I'm looking forward to the last episode zomgasdgghjkl!!!!!?!!??!!