Thursday, 19 December 2013

Movie Talk: Captain Phillips

Let me tell you a story

Months ago
Le me after seeing Cap'n Phillips trailer: Holy cow imma watch this.
Le me seeing the credits "Directed by: Paul Greengrass": ...... *stares horrificaly at the screen* nvm I think I'll pass.

Present day
Le me went to the cinema: lalalalala~ *forgotten all about Paul Greengrass*
Le me after seeing the movie: I think I'm going to be sick... 

Fyi: I spent the whole 2/3 part of Green Zone with my eyes clenched shut because of the. Goddamned. Shaky camera.

Moral of the story: never watch any of the movie the guy made ever again. *except, perhaps if there's Fassy in it, I think I might reconsider*

-End of story-

P.s: the movie was really good though. Tom Hanks delivers such powerful performance.