Monday, 17 June 2013

Michael Fassbender asdfghjkkllll !!!

okay this is crazy. I took a nap and I had this stupid beautiful dream that I found myself really upset after waking up. I just woke up from it and I felt terrifyingly empty. It just felt like I was stabbed on the chest with an invisible sword, Idk but it reminds me of the sectumsempra spell casted by Harry to Draco.. I think it can pretty much describe how I felt just then. ANYWAYS.. here's what just happened. I can't believe it, I mean, sweet Lord Jesus Maria and Joseph!! I don't even know where to start! I was just so anxious as I'm writing this blog, I need to take a moment to myself first. BLAH WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT EXACTLY?! I'm sorry this is just the impact of Michael Fassbender's charms on me. Geez I sounded like a freak. I promise this is the last time I'll ever EVER write something so ridiculous you might throw up. I just have to type this down. so bear with me, ok?

okay first. I need to show you guys who haven't noticed how charming he is.... His bones structure, his eyes when he's gazing at you (even if it's only a photograph you can still feel the strong impact of his eyes bore into your soul) *drool* *faint* *drool*

SO. I had a crazy dream that involved Fassy in it. we were kind of holding hands etc. etc. I guess I don't have to go down into details ok it's pretty embarrassing. All I can say that it was like a freaking fantasy novel. He saved me from this and that and somehow I get the feeling that it somehow connects to the reality of my life. I mean the conflict there, we actually talk about life like it's all the real thing that happened between us. It was just a DREAM for Christ's sake, what's the big deal?

It was just so weird, knowing that this kind of thing won't ever happen in real life. You don't expect your favorite celeb is right on your doorstep, right? that's just impossible. 

The point is, it was just a feeling so surreal that no words can actually describe how I felt the moment I woke up. The feeling was so intense. I came to a conclusion that, I won't ask God to give me such a wonderful dream anymore because the feeling I got right after waking up was terrible. knowing that, that kind of thing won't actually happen in my life. I was quite upset at some point. So, I guess I prefer a bad dream instead. So that when I woke up, I get such a wonderful feeling that pretty much sounds like 'oh Thank God it was only a dream!' maybe the state I was in when I jerk awake was not pleasant, but the comfortable feeling afterwards must be great, you know. just an opinion. blame it on Fassy! 

anyways, I should definitely talk about Man of Steel. and about how gorgeous was Henry Cavill. but I'll save it for later. I think I'm gonna watch it again for the second time and after that the review will sure come along.

Here comes another drool-worthy Fassy's pics... ENJOY ; )

Just Fassbender being all handsome and awesome.

Fassbender with his sharky smile : D

Fassbender with Charlize Theron.. Go make beautiful babies !!!

ugh. I could just sit all day in front of my laptop drooling over these photos. #notfair #Ihavenolife #howcouldthishappentome