Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Fit flop !

I am now sitting in the waiting room of this famous doctor in town. There is this crazy kid screaming and crying and kicking tirelessly the entire hour. Oh goddammit the poor kid doesn't want to eat! Stop giving him food grandma, for God's sake. If I was his sister I would've smacked his round chubby face *smirk* it's a pretty enjoyable scene one could find in a waiting room in the morning, despite the annoying sound of the spoiled brat. With Mansions on the Moon blasting through my headphone to my ears.

Anyways, I am observing the people in this room as I'm waiting for my Grandma to get diagnosed. There are approx. 10 people here most of them are middle aged woman. 3 of them, including my grandma, are wearing fit flops sandals. Now, how did my mum expect me to wear those??? It's comfortable, I get it. Do I look like I need something comfy to wear? That's the way to put it :p I do like comfy shoes. Problem is, I don't really like sandals. And i mean c'mon it's for mums and grandmas don't ya think?