Friday, 14 September 2012

Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

GAHH I REALLY FORGOT TO POST THIS!! =p it was sitting on my draft since like, months ago??? ANYWAYS here's ma review!!! (I really need to post this)

I know that this movie is such a great deal for some of you. It is for me too =) When they finally started screening the movie, I had to restrain myself from browsing through the internet about all of the negative/positive remarks regarding The Dark Knight Rises until I finally watch the movie myself. You see, I don't want to ruin the movie experience I could have on this movie. This epic conclusion of Christopher Nolan's Batman Saga means that much to me =)  So, I need to warn you guys that this review CONTAINS SPOILER. I repeat, CONTAINS SPOILER. Just so you clear, if you don't want me to spoil the whole movie experience then I suggest you click the X button at the top left corner of the screen or the right at once! ;)

8 years had passed since The Joker and Two Face incidents, since Gordon sets the dogs on him. 8 years without Batman. Gotham seemed to be just fine. Bruce Wayne found himself pondering in the dark of the mansion of his, excluding himself from the crowd of the city. If one looks at the state he was in, they won't believe their eyes because he looked pretty damn crappy. Technically, he was using some sort of a grandpa stick to support his walking and beards were all over his face. Little did he know that the storm is coming, as Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman had warned him of what might happen on the trailer. Bruce looked so devastatingly empty inside. He hasn't moved on. There's this great deal of pain in him that keeps gnawing inside, making him looked impossibly weak and old and withered.

I was really thrilled when I was informed that Bane would be the villain in TDKR. I was relieved that Nolan decided to choose this complex character. and the thrill intensify when I found out that Tom Hardy was up for the role. It was like a dream come true. I wonder what Nolan would do to this uncanny character. Nolan has always been so good in manipulating characters. I can't bloody wait.

Turns out that, Tom Hardy's Bane didn't manage to steal the screen as The Joker did in 2008. BUT. Tom was the perfect cast for Bane. Only 20% of his face was shown and he managed to capture all our attention with just the strong, piercing, unflinching look of his eyes. That's kind of remarkable. and Gosh his voice was creeping me out! I got chills whenever Bane comes around. Needless to say, he totally pull it off.

What I was disappointed about was that I was kind of hoping that Nolan won't use the character Bane as a pawn only. You see, he's not the main villain. I was a bit disappointed when I figured out that he's only helping Miranda Tate (Ras'al-ghul's--don't know how to spell it--daughter) to accomplish her mission. He would be as awesome as The Joker I think if his portion in the movie is a lot bigger. Another reason why Bane is awesome is because he actually gets into physical fight with Batman. No other villain had gotten into a muscle fight with Batman before. So, here's how I put it. Bane is a genius, terrorist, and ferocious man. Such a shame to let that character was put to waste, just being the so-called protector of Miranda Tate. But hey, don't get me wrong. I respect Nolan's decision because the movie itself really rises to its high point. Words can not describe how epic The Dark Knight Rises is.

Catwoman, oh was she lovely. At first I was a bit skeptical on Anne Hathaway. Turns out she really did a great job on depicting the sexy, bitchy, but also cunning and smart Catwoman. That is to say, Nolan's Catwoman. Alfred, I've always loved this character. He's the only one who seems to understand Bruce, and he's his only true friend. I was broken when Bruce told him to leave. Sir Michael Caine was brilliant, needless to say. his entire lines were epic. I even cried at the end. (yeah. I cried. on a Batman movie. Batman movie.). On the other hand, Commissioner Gordon surprisingly took a huge part on this movie which was great. With his apprentice also, played by Joe Gordon Levitt. There's huge surprise on him at the end. prepare to squeal! (I did). oh almost forgot. The lovely Marion Cotillard. Well, she's Marion after all. Need I say more? She can turn into this damsel in distress, and the next second she can be this evil, menacing person you've ever met. That is something isn't it?

There are some speculation on the ending. Many think that Batman is still alive, as you know he did appear in the last scene in Florence, where Alfred smiled to him at the restaurant. andd he was with Selina Kyle! For me personally, I think that was just Alfred's imagination. You see, no one can really survive a nuclear bomb. Even if he managed to get out of the vehicle, then he's still gonna get the impact of the nuclear gas. and that's kind of lethal. (right?) and I don't think Bruce would actually date Selina. They would make a great couple, but I just couldn't imagine them spend the rest of their life together! Ha-ha! That's only my opinion though ;)

In conclusion, Nolan you genius man!! all hail Nolan!! in Nolan we trust! this franchise is like the BEST EVER!! Thank you Christopher Nolan, thank you to the cast and crew involved! Ciao ;)