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Movie Review: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones 2013

Where do I start?

Berore I go along with the review, keep in mind that I have read The Mortal Instrument series (the first 3 books). Though it was a long time ago. When I was in the eleventh grade or something. And I haven't reread it ever since. I don't know why, because to tell you the truth, I loved that series. It was very imaginative and fun and easy to read and a lot of things. I read it in the form of ebooks. Again, I live in this particular country that doesn't really care about the importance of books, I suppose. So, back then, I was the only one who read the whole freaking series and I had absolutely no one to talk about the book. People needs someone to share. And I just.. I was alone *sobs* it was pretty hard, having to not talk about the book. It was frustrating. I want to discuss! I want to talk about them! I want opinions! Hello, anyone there?! Anybody? Guess not. *fangirling all by myself then* how exciting.

Now on to the review. I can not say I do not like it. Because I pretty much enjoyed the movie. It was a 2 hrs something film which could be extremely boring if not handled well. BUT (uh-oh there's a big but here). I can't really say I'm satisfied either. So, this is basically my reaction after seeing the first trailer: shit. This is going to be huge. I know so. Gosh, glittery Magnus, that American version Moriarty guy, british accent, shadowhunter's badass moves.. I'm game. Bring it! *stares maniacally to the computer screen*

Turns out, obviously, they've made the trailer so good it managed to mess with my mind telling me this is going to be a great film. You did it guys.. *slow claps* I don't remember I'm having such high expectation on the movie.. I didn't. Film adaptations are mostly a disastrous bunch of scenes that the director had carelessly tried to cut and throw some and cut and throw some into the film without really understanding the main issue first. I mean.. Why did the authors let them do that?!?? Please be there for them 24/7 because I'm seriously sick of having them ruined some of it. Now wait a sec, just so we clear, I am NOT trying to whine about how the movie isn't faithful to the book. Because honestly, I know they were gonna left out some of the part that is not quite needed in the whole film. Believe me. I know that. It is absolutely necessary to have changed a little bit this and that here and there. I am fine with that AS LONG AS one, it really adds more on the interesting aspect on the story. And two. When it is really necessary. Didn't see it in the City of Bones. Sorry... I know it's a big book. And the first one is always the tricky one. I understand. But as a filmmaker, at least do not let your film to be covered up with plotholes like a freaking SWISS CHEESE. please!

To be honest with you, I don't exactly remember the whole story. I've just had glimpses of some scenes that really caught my attention when I first read the book. So I'm not here to distinguish between the book and the film. I'm just gonna talk about the movie and a little peek on the book that I found most annoying and interesting to talk about.

Here we go.

The Plot
It started nice. There wasn't any random narrated voice throughout the first opening scene, explaining what happened and blahblahblaahh because I personally hate it when movies start doing that. It's like they didn't really show us footage instead of just giving us explanations in words or narrated voice. That's for the beginning. And for the rest of the movie, I'd say that this was a FAST-paced movie, and when i say fast, it's fast to the point of annoying. It was a bombardment of scenes, emotions, visuals, sounds, soundtracks, stunts, altogether that continues to fill up the screen for the next 2hrs. I found myself, whoa whoa. Hold up a sec. WHA-- wait..... Hmm... Ehmm ? Okay. *brows knitting* *mouth gapping* *finger bitting*
It was like I haven't had any time to absorb the whole information and it already jumps up to a whole different scene. It was exhausting guys..... Or am I really that slow? I don't think so.. Because my sister did have trouble figuring out what the heck was happening. And she didn't read the book!! I already knew some of the information that they have failed to mention in the film and I don't have any problem with that because I should have known right? I've read the book. Maybe it's not the same for the people who haven't read it yet, I don't know. Or am I missing something? Maybe.

The Characters
Clary: I love her more in the film, so, good job Lily Collins. She's not as annoying, I guess.
Simon: Let's put this in a simple way. I hate him in the book. he's a burden for anyone and involves in a love triangle between Jace and Clary. I tend to hate the second boy. I just don't need another cliche of a love triangle in a storyline. I've had enough of that, thanks very much. I love him in the movie, well done Robert Sheehan. (and he's freaking british).
Hodge: yes. Moriarty. Need I say more? (he's freaking british too).
Isabelle: She's okay. I wasn't expecting anything from Jemima so, I was a bit surprised on how good it turn up.
Luke: He's Aiden Turner after all... (he's british).
Jocelyn: She played the Game of Thrones..(british..).
Alec: He's okay...

Jace: NO. just. NO. Jamie is not Jace. I freaking knew it. Though deep down I knew he's a good actor. but ehh, maybe the screenplay was to blame. The character seemed boring..Dull..underdeveloped.. whereas the Jace in the book is interesting, witty, has dry sense of humor.. It just wasn't working for me, sorry.
Valentine: seriously? what were you doing, King Henry? I mean.. come on. Valentine is a one good character in the book. he's composed, graceful, charming, sly.. What they did to him in the movie was the whole opposite he's like the sadistic bloodthirsty bastard that don't have a care in the world, typical villain.. I kept waiting for him to say "it's time for killing spree!!!" He's not that!! He loves Jocelyn and Clary.. Or so I recalled.
Magnus Bane: No. he's not good enough. Magnus is WITTY, COOL, GLITERRY, COLORFUL, GAY, and stuff. he's very interesting, he's attractive and frightening at the same time. I mean, you'll never know what's in his head. this Magnus played by Godfrey, is not interesting. AT ALL. he's a passer-by. he's obviously one of my favorite character in the book. and it pains me to see this version of Magnus. *curls up to a ball rolling on the floor*

You know what, I don't even remember most of the things happening in the book, so I might be wrong.. But this is how I pictured them in my head..

In conclusion.....
I think it could've been better. I'm just fairly disappointed about the characters. Jace, Valentine and Magnus were just the main characters that needs to be interesting, attractive, and profound. I guess, They've just ruined the most crucial issue. I'm pretty sure the fans of the series were looking forward to see how their favorite characters turn up.
and. I'm seriously pissed that they decided to not include the motorcycle runs by the demon power scene.

Let's hope for the best in City of Ashes. 

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