Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Angelfall Sequel (World After)

I am now sitting in an airplane, I'm heading back to my hometown. Goodbye Bali!!!

Just want you guys to know, I've always got my iPhone with me the entire time (I guess I should give her a name because I got attached to it, like, the I-can't-live-without-you kind of thing) and one of the advantage on having an iPhone is that: I CAN READ EBOOKS. Yay.

Wherever and whenever I got bored, I'll just happily clicked on this genius apps called iBooks. I know I'm being dramatic (ha-ha. Thanks to Tumblr). But really guys, isn't it a great thing??!?!! I know, I too can not deny the pleasure of having to grasp and feel the physical books in my hands, but really, if you go somewhere, say, a little trip or a backpacker, you'll have to admit that carrying books around would cause trouble sometimes. And I was afraid to find my book dirty and broken and crumpled, oh, I just can't stand it to see my books getting all dirty and undesirable. 

Anyways. My love for Angelfall just don't seem to fade just yet. I always read Angelfall whenever possible. When I was on the beach, on the airplane, on breakfast, in the car, after dinner, in the hotel room before bedtime, all of the spare time you could think of. Raffe. Oh Raffe, lookwhatuvedonetome. No it's actually Ee's fault, haha.

BUT OHMYFREAKINGLORD. WHEN WILL THE SECOND BOOK COMES OUT?! Is it NOVEMBER???!?!!  I have to wait THAT long?!??! I can't. I just can't. I won't have any desire to live starting August until November. Oh shit. I've learnt my lesson though, to not read a series that takes too long for the writer to write the sequel. I mean it's just. Too long. There's too many FEELS. I can NOT wait that long. It's been so long since i read Angelfall for the first time. I guess it's in 2012. 

Hell, there's not even a cover yet!!!! Just a teaser though. Cover in progress.

Ohmygod. I just know, that this book is going to be epic. Maybe not as epic as Angelfall, but. 
Pretty please? *puppy eyes*

Anyways. I was on Goodreads and Tumblr, I was surprised at how many people speculate that there will be a love triangle between Raffe-Penryn-OBI. Ohmygosh it never occured to me before! Obi?! Seriously? Why would you guys think that?!?? I certainly hope NOT. And please, it's the End of Days people! Why would Penryn want to be caught in that kind of situation? That's just stupid. But then again. I gave my full support on Susan, even if she decided to make a love triangle, then I'm sure she could still brings up interesting ideas and details in her pretty little head than most of the authors out there that have failed to do so.

As for the conclusion, I JUST WANT TO SKIP AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER.. I just want to read. 

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