Thursday, 29 August 2013

My hoLidAYyyyYy!!!!!!!!! xD is over. D:

Okay firstly, I'm going to tell you about the boring stuff I'm doing, chronologically from the moment I woke up for the past 2 months (approx.) 
so here's what happened during my holiday. Typical day for me, I woke up at 11 (sometimes 10), headed down for breakfast, pull out a bowl, poured down the milk and the Lucky Charms (sometimes CocoPops. FYI: Cereal in Indo SUCKS. so I'm glad I'm having Lucky Charms) into that bowl, scarfed it down, went to play piano lalala rehearshing a brilliant song from Muse, 2nd Law: Isolated System, you guys should check it out, it is amazeballs, went back upstairs to my bedroom, make the bed, switched on my laptop, launched iTunes, began singing like a lune, wandered around the floor, mopping, tidying the room up and then... I usually sat in front of my laptop watching Youtube, mostly vlogs from my favorite Youtubers, Danisnotonfire or Polaandbananas (I hope I spelled that right) go check them up, they're hilarious, one is a ridiculously attractive sarcastic british bloke (he's the KING of sarcasm, lemme tell ya), the other is a annoying but surprisingly funny typical American girl, or just trying to discover new songs I haven't downloaded yet, OR. I just went back downstairs, watching DVDs, sometimes when I was in the mood, I'll go for a treadmill, burning some calories (yay) 450-500 calories, though I didn't know why I bother to do that because I'm getting fatter and fatter anyway, once I... unleashed the beast to gobbled up everything that's on its way *growls* *evil stare* 
Burning 500 calories is like, burning NOTHING. You can't even maintain your shape, though I can't know for sure because I don't do it every freaking day. I didn't know why I keep doing that, maybe on the inside I'm just a big fan of a fit body? Hmph yea right. I'm quite done bitching about my body shape ever since I knew that your body shape was shaped like that from the very beginning, depending on your mum's body shape. So just suck it up and live on. There's nothing I can do about that. I hate being in the average weight and height, there's nothing special about that, but I daresay it's not as much as I hate being real fat or overweight. So. Here I am~

I don't quite know what's the main topic on this article. Ermm... *cricket jumps jumps jumps*

Hahaha. All I know is, TOMORROW. Is. The day. For ME. To. Go back to. COLLEGE. Yay...not.

Anyways, to conclude everything, I'd say that this holidays are the most productive holidays ever in my entire life since I've got my holidays. I remembered, when I was in High school I was DA REAL moviegeek (yes, I'm talkin' to you Harry Po-ah). I basically just watched 3-4 films a day. Yep, take your time to judge me. I know.. I know... You're lucky if you saw me holding a pencil with a piece of blank paper in front of me. Because that was one rare occassion, my friend.

On the contrary, this holiday.. I feel like I need to refresh my mind from college. All that design stuffs that was making me crazy, I need to reset my mindset, I need to re-brand myself, I mean, there's a lot to think about when you get older.... Right? And I did just that (and of course that includes desperately rolling on the floor, thinking, what am i doing with my lifeeeee oh noooo, my twenty years has gone by without me noticing i am nothing compared to her and him and her and him, i wanna be like Dan, i wanna be him i wanna be her she has the most perfect life ever i wanna do this and this and this and this and that and this but i cant i cant and i cant what am i WHO am i i'm nobody oh god just kill me). That kind of thing. Yep. When you've got nothing important to do like college, you'll seriously get this crazy tornados in your mind that intensely keeps on spinning and twisting tirelessly that makes your skull split into 2 piece you want to vomit. It's the truth, I kid you not. Been there, done that. Hahaha. 

But yeah anyway I call this is the most productive holiday BE-CAUSE:

1. I've read more than 10 books ;-D
2. I've watched some of the movies on my watchlist! (Though there are still like, 91 movies on there. But I'd say that was pretty productive).
3. I took some photos of me, the 'outfit of the day' thing. It's my love for fashion.
4. I took photos of my favorite stuffs (trying to make my instagram looked a bit more decent). Just a bit though. .-.
5. I've managed to re-arranged my bookshelf (yay).
6. At least, I've tried to improve my English by ranting, blogging, gushing, babbling, about anything in my blog here. It's got some updates lately, ain't it? Oh yeah~ uhuh~
7. I've managed to maintain my relationship with my so-called long lost friends. (I meant, my high school friends).
8. I cooked (nothing new. I love to cook. though, I want to learn to bake a cake but the condition right now isn't exactly the most perfect condition for baking so... Okay recently, the water supplies in my house just stopped coming from its pipe. I don't know what happened, me mum got so frustrated).
9. I drew some portraits of my favorite celebs, though I have to say it was a failure. It was a disgrace to humanity. *crawls to a hole and cries* Maybe it's just not my thing, I just keep on insisting that somehow miraculously I would get their faces right. In your dreams, Cin. In your goddamned dreams...
10. I learned the piano version of Isolated System by Muse (that was pretty cool :D)
11. Fixed my guitar. (Oh shit, I forgot to record some of my singing, I was thinking I'd give it a go, but well holiday's over *Boo*).

That's one hell of a list. Those are the things that I remembered doing at the moment. I'll post another if anything ever cross my mind.

SOOOOOO. Holiday's over. I've got a 7 O'clock class in the morning so I think it's time for me to prepare myself. Physically and mentally. I'm so excited I finally get to see MY FRIENDS (the lovely bitchy itchy BOOBISM) I miss you guys MWAH see you guys tomorrow, xoxo

Whoa this is one hell of a post.
TTFN ;-)

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