Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Yellowww from Bali yea babyy!!! This is my first time going here. Now I'm officially an Indonesian (I mean, what kind of an Indonesian am I, to never set foot on Bali after all these years?). My Gosh the beach!!!! I used to hate the beach because of the heat! I can't stand hot weather though I live in a tropical country. Furthermore, my skin does this weird thing whenever I was in a hot weather. it gets blotchy red and scratchy as hell. After all, I've always loved the rain (as you can see, the title of my blog). It's been so long since I last stepped on a velvety sand. Though the sun has mercilessly showered upon us with its blinding light and It burns our skin, somehow I found it didn't feel very bad. It depends on the weather too I guess. If it's cloudy, then hallelujah! And, it's not as hot as I've imagined it would be because of the wind. Thank God for the wind. Thank you Australia, I guess.

And the other thing I hate about the beach, is that I can't really wear summer outfits on that huge amount of light. My skin is rather white. Whitish yellow? Not Caucassian white of course. I'm an Asian after all. But still, I was called names in high school like, snow white and bakpao (chinese steamed bun). I was the white-est girl in my class back then. Haha. Beause of that, I realized that the white skin thing can sometimes be a good thing and a bad thing. I'm not gonna talk about the good side right now. The bad thing is that I can't really go out in the sun and do anything as I please without getting my skin turned brownish. It was quite upsetting when you look in the mirror and found yourself all blackish because of sun burn. And don't even think of applying sunblocks. Believe me, it didn't help. Maybe a little, but you'll get burn anyway. 

So, I went to Bali and when I packed my luggage, I was faced with a dilemma, whether I'll bring the long sleeved shirt or just the light knitting short sleeved stuff that people usually wore with a bikini underneath when they were at the beach. And also a pair of trousers or a hot pants? And the answer is. Ugh. I went for the long sleeved shirt with the lightest material I have, and of course a pair of trousers. Remarkable. *eyes rolled* 

I'm into fashion, you know. Therefore, wearing the proper outfit for every occasion is definitely on my dictionary. I am concerned with these things and it makes me happy too, to mix and match the clothes, accessories etc. with these particular material, it's just not right. Well, whatevs, what's done is done. The great thing is I still can enjoy most of my time there without getting sun burn. 

With the great blows of wind, which i felt very grateful, when I took a stroll across the beach, staring at the beckoning sight of twilight, I felt nice. Like really nice. I've never thought on strolling at the beach could gave me such a wonderful calming feeling, considering the hot weather and summertime. Because I used to felt wonderful only when it's gloomy or raining at the time, with no sweat and the smell of salt. 

It finally dawns on me, that, interacting with nature is a really good thing to do. No matter the situation. It's good sometimes to not be ignorant of our beautiful nature, created by the Glorious God. We must appreciate this tiny beautiful moments we've been given. Staring at the bubbly current, the bluish crystal clear of the sea, the varied colors of sea shells or coral or the softness of the silky seaweed. It was all priceless. It was such a great experience, one that I want to experience it as often as I can. 

And of course, to stroll on a beach hand in hand with someone you hold dear, gazing to the horizon must be the greatest feeling ever ;) 

Have a great holiday guys!!!!!



  2. Hahahahahahaa itu HARAPAN SEMATA delllllll mksdny pas balik kesana lg maunya ud ada gandengannn :ppp