Thursday, 7 April 2011

My life as a Graphic Designer Wannabe Part 1

I took art major in univ because art is my passion. I really love art, all kinds of art, name it, paintings, sculptures, handicrafts, drawings, photography, etc etc.. The thing is, I always thought I'm pretty good at drawing, you know.. I got an A in drawing in the first semester, I love to draw, and in my spare time I usually did some drawings back then when I was still in high school. It turns out I was wrong. Now, that the classes I took are starting to get more serious, I found myself having a difficult time in drawing. I was like, "omg how to draw this, how to do that" and so on. I'm the kind of person that, when I love to do something and then failed in it, I'll hate myself. I don't know, it's like.. come on, this is what you love doing.. why do you fail?? Am I not good enough? those questions kept on swirling on my mind which is starting to get on my nerves. and that's why these days had been hard for me =(

Another thing that bothers my mind, body and soul is, there's this thing with my univ that really PISS ME OFF. My univ requires all the students in every major to take Liberal Arts. I mean, what the heck?!? I took this major because I want to focus on THIS major. It's high school all over again!!! Back in high school, I tried to endure all those pressures, frustrating moments that I have to take the major I'm not really into (science). And now? I have to deal with it all over again? What's the point in going to univ then? kill me instead!! I'm tired of all this.. I know, maybe some of the lectures are important for our lives, the real world is a cruel place to live, you need to know this and that, whatever, but please.... it's too much!! I just want to draw, I just want to paint, I just want to make as many artworks as I can.. what's so wrong about that? My sleeping time is less than 5 hours everyday.. I have trouble hanging out on weekends, and you CAN'T IMAGINE how huge is the pressure in Visual Communication Design class. There are A LOT OF requirements (I'll try to list it next time). One of them is Ideas. Ideas are really hard to find, and in order to find it, you must spend a lot of time just to think about it, you know.. If you want a BRILLIANT one. Well, Liberal arts classes are starting to get FRUSTRATING. I'd rather spend my time looking for ideas, or doing hundred pages of drawing in order to improve my drawing skill than spend my precious time doing things I don't even know what is it for. Because of this liberal arts thingy too, when I got home, I felt tired physically and mentally so I usually just do things to refresh my mind instead of doing my assignments... *sigh*

Okay that's a little peek about my life as an 'art' student.. I'll post another next time (did you guys notice the 'part 1'? =) ). gotta go do my assignments, hoammmmmm -__________-  TTFN x

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