Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Yellow World!

Hi, I'm Cindy! FINALLY I wrote my own blog after a few friends encouraged me to do it! Okay first of all, I wanted to apologize if my english is mediocre. Well yeah I know I'm not really good in english, but I'm willing to try to write all my blogs in english! The thing is, I'm an Indonesian (half chinese you could say), but I love english! I don't like Indonesian language. and believe me, I tried to, but I just don't like it! Anyways, this is my first blog and my first post ever!! I just wanted to say hello to the world! xD I'll keep posting when I'm not busy.. I got tons of assignment!! Well FYI, I'm a graphic designer wannabe, so I took art major in univ and everyday is a busy day for me *sigh* hahaha

well, enjoy reading my posts! =)))

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