Thursday, 21 November 2013

Thoughts on World After part 1

"It really is you"

Is it cheesy?

Does it contain a LOT OF FEELS? 

I. Was. Relieved. (I guess)
Finally the long wait is over.. For 2 days. And then I'm.. Of course I'm sitting and patiently waiting for the next book to come out. Just let me crawl to a hole and cry.

First, I'm going to give my proper thanks to Susan Ee:
Thank you for not bringing the L word
Thank you for not allowing them to kiss  in this book (because obviously we all know that their love is forbidden. Thank God Raffe's not acting like every supernatural asshole like the most of YA novel always did)
Thank you for being consistent on Raffe's snarky personality
Thank you for keeping the Penryn badassery
Thank you for the airborne fighting
Thank you for the Raffe's POV thing from the sword (that's freaking genius)

Thank you Susan Ee, I take my hat off to you. 

The only major disappointment was,


Oops I'm sorry I'm using the fangirl name. I mean Raffe and Penryn.
I think everyone thinks just the same. Right? 
I just don't know how she (Susan) does it. Every single moment from Raffe and Penryn was just right. It's nothing corny, nothing forced. It just flows so beautifully and naturally. I can relate to them pretty easily. Just A simple gesture like channeling all the heat from his body to Penryn made my heart flutter and smile instantly like a loon. (And not to mention he's not even touching her.... Or did he?)

Despite all that, I have to admit that when I was on the beginning 1/4 of the book, I was all like, okay be patient.. I know i wasn't gonna meet with Raffe anytime soon. I'm just gonna get along with it. The thing is, Raffe aside, I was hoping that maybe she could throw some jawdropping moments like She did on the beginning of Angelfall. I don't know whether she did it on purpose. But really though. I even begun to forget what's it all about on the first 10 chapters. I'm absolutely fine about the world building and all. I know she wants to describe the World After and she's doing a really great job on that. Thumbs up. But idk It felt like it was a bit dragging. Even DeeDum didn't seem to look like they are up to no good. Though i have a theory. MAYBE, we've waited too freaking long for this book that we can not contain the feels bubbling up within us of Raffryn. So, all we wanted was just seeing them reunite. (Is it just me or?) I swear I didn't skip a word, but seriously, It really feels like I lose some details about some stuff because i really don't care about anything I was too anxious on seeing them to get together again. (Ok i think it's just me)  And I don't blame you Susan Ee. That just means the ending of Angelfall was such a really BIG success that we were left breathless to found out what's gonna happen next.

But heck! They still haven't seen each other until there's 1/4 of book left. How could you do this to us? Raffe is not even there half of the book. We need more Raffryn seriously.

But apart from that, I'd still give this book a 5 out of 5 stars.. 
There's no other book that could make me feel this excited, this intense, this emotional while i was flipping through each pages. And I just love the writing style. It's direct and sassy. Though, I usually love the kind of piece that J.K. Rowling and Neil Gaiman have written. It involves a wide array of vocabularies I didn't even know existed and their writing are just so captivating and beautiful and fantasy-ish it managed to suck me instantly to the world they were trying to build. and so very english (they're British after all).
Susan didn't write like that but I somehow found her descriptive narration interesting enough to keep me hooked for hours that I knew, I have undeniably fallen in love with the book.

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