Monday, 19 December 2011

One of the Greatest Food Ever Invented: Cinnamon Rolls

Greatest food ever invented. Cinnamon Rolls!!!! oh my Gosh look at the texture of the icing on top. the delicious pastry with the mouthwatering cinnamon powder mixed with sugar... Take a bite and you're in heaven ^0^

I bought this one for a couple of days ago in Pan An (I'm not sure whether or not I spell it right). Actually this is not the real Cinnamon Rolls. I mean, I'm pretty sure they use different ingredients for the bun because the price is very cheap, about Rp.9k. Here in my place where I live, sadly, there isn't a single Cinnamon Rolls store left. T.T when I was younger, there are 'Cinnabon' and 'Cinzeo'. But they close the place I don't know maybe the taste of Cinnamon Rolls doesn't work for Indonesian taste buds. yes, I'm pissed. Anyways, this one tastes pretty close to the real one so I post it here. To those who haven't tried this, go on and take a bite. I assure you this is the taste of pure bliss. it's heaven on earth =9

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