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Vampire Academy Cast !!!

oh. my. gosh.

omygodomygodomyGOD !!!!! Too much information in one night!!! YOU GUYS! I CANT EVEN

Dimitri Belikov. No. nononono NOOOO!!

So. take a deep breath. Vampire Academy is brought to the BIG SCREEN, as we all know. We finally got our cast for the famous Vampire YA series by Richelle Mead!!! To those who haven't read it, I mean seriously guys? what are you doing with your life? heheheh. 

Just grab the book will ya? I'm obsessed with this series (well, at least the first three book. the 4,5,6 didn't really get me) for as long as I can remember. I forgot when exactly I read this series. All I know it was a long long time ago. when I was in senior high? The first book itself was published in 2007. 

At the time, after reading The Twilight Saga (which I regret buying the whole GODDAMNED series, it is now still sitting quietly in my bookshelf, lookin' all dusty and still intact for the lack of touching, NO I AM NOT RE-READING IT! I don't even finish Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. the movie, ohh the movie.......) I was quite skeptical about this whole vampire thing. Not to mention the oh-so-cliche title "Vampire Academy" really? TURNS OUT, this series was really an enjoyable ride. I found myself absorbed to this engaging tale about Moroi (the Vampire), and their guardian (Dhampir). Yes, sometimes the 'guardian' thing sounds like their slave for life, roughly speaking. You'll know once you read it. ANYWAY. I really love the first 3 books. the last 3 books though, I had a hard time reading it, it was like I want to poke someone's eyes. I'm being completely serious.

To give you the big picture, the story focused on a Dhampir named Rose Hathaway. She's not yet a guardian but she will be, she still needs to graduate from this school called the Vampire Academy. They train guardians and much like a normal high school for the Moroi. Rose was quite determined to become a guardian of her best friend Vasilissa Dragomir. Ugh, Lissa can be quite a b*tch sometimes, I can't relate to her character. anyway, on to the story. One day Rose and Lissa decided to leave the campus for Lissa's sake, she had said. and off they went. after a few months (I guess?), The school had sent some guardians to bring them home. Rose of course won't let this go that easy without a fight. she sure defended Lissa, and encountered this God-like drop-dead gorgeous guardian named Dimitri Belikov (whom we will be discussing right after this). Sure enough her fighting skill was a solid zero compared to this guy, at the end, she and Lissa reluctantly go back to the Academy. This and that happens blablablah Dimitri finds himself in a situation where he became the mentor of Rose, considering she's way behind the other novices in fighting classes. She's got her ass handed to her pretty easilly. and so, certain feelings were built around the two of them, first there was adoration and then that feeling turns into something more complex, yes, love. and they were trying so hard to keep it from one another but not quite doing a great job about that.

This book was simply amazing. At that time, I was so happy that I decided to download the ebook. Now I have the physical books for the whole series. Yay. Now that I've read a lot of more books other than this series, I don't feel like this series is as good as I thought, but still, I enjoyed this book the first time I read it, so I was so excited when I found out that this story is going to be a movie!!!!!!

As you all know, I AM a moviegeek. So I know a lot of good and great and magnificent actors and directors, even composers! Name it =p
SO. we're going to the point of this review (I'm sorry it took me so long to get to the point, sometimes I'm just too. talkative. you know)

WE FINALLY GET OUR CAST!!!!! FINGERSCROSSED!!! Been waiting for this for too long can'tstanditLord please have mercy just don't oh please let him be awesome and shiny and dark and all the good adjectives out of the english dictionary. Dimitri Belikov was just. the most. perfect lead male character in the whole YA (Yound Adult) universe!! I mean, he's obviously not perfect, have some flaws, he had this coolness in him, darkness, integrity, loyalty, not to mention his God-like posture and freaking BADASS. Basically he's just one of those character that every girl would kill to be with him.

Okay where were we? Dimitri Belikov. Yes.
We were all left breathless to find out the cast. It was idk it suddenly came down to me like yesterday. I was lying on my comfy little bed, I was on Imdb and I've got this TING in my head that says Vampire Academy. So, I was half hoping that they would cast someone that has nothing to do with the Hollywood industry in their record. and PRAISE THE LORD they did exactly what I was hoped for. O Yeah!

I don't really care about the others. All that matters was just DIMITRI. and of course Rose. But still I was more excited to find out about who will be the male lead character which is my favorite for all time!! (but then of course came along RAFFE, pronounced Rah-Fie, short from Raphael, yes, the Archangel Raphael, from the EPIC Penryn and the End of the World series, ANGELFALL by Susan Ee. MYGOSH itwasSUCHanEPICnovel everyoneSHOULDreadit IMMEDIATELY!! I'll post my review about it LATER for sure!)
Oh for the love of God, enough the babble!! I did this when I was too anxious or sth so I apologize for my absolute absurd behavior x(

I finally found out who will play this kickass character, DUNDUNDUN........ it's

Danila Kozlovsky.

I repeat, DANILA KOZLOVSKY, everybody. YES, HE IS RUSSIAN. zomgassdgfghjkkll;;'

I was hyperventilating with excitement as I browse through google, and I stumbled upon these

And then there were pictures like these....


I was like. omygodhesrussianletmebearhugyou type of thing going on.

But then, came the realization. It kinda struck me like a lightning.
Dimitri. Has. A. Shoulder-length. Hair.

BAM. CRASH. And all the sound effects you can think of to describe how crushed I am. My heart is weak... and.. And.....and.......

I mean, Danila looks perfect in those hair look at those pictures!! I was kind of hoping he would look like that in the movie he-he. But then It would be different from the book and the fans would be pissed about it, I know. But still, you can NOT deny that guys look more attractive in messy short hair.. heheheh.

as a bonus for hearing my useless rant, here's a picture of Danila and Zooey Deutch a.k.a. Dimitri and Rose =3

Aren't they lovely? <3

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